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Textbook Brokers’ lobby is closed to patrons in store. We will still be available via phone, e-mail, or online. Please visit our COVID-19 Response Page for the most up-to-date information.

Finish your class?

Find a book hiding in the back of your closet?

Sell it back for CASH!

We love textbooks and you love money, so we've combined the two! Bring in your books, we'll scan them up and give you TOP DOLLAR! Books aren't cheap, but with our buy-back program, put a little extra cash in your wallet!

  • *We buy back books EVERY DAY!*
  • *We pay CASH for your books!*
  • *We buy books from ANY SCHOOL!*
  • *We buy ACCESS CODES!*
  • *We buy CALCULATORS!*
  • *We buy LOOSE LEAF textbooks!*
  • *We buy INSTRUCTORS EDITION textbooks!*
  • *We buy INTERNATIONAL EDITION textbooks!*

How do you do it? Email us at: or call 501-336-0166 to get a price quote! The best way to sell your books is to bring them to the store, as prices do depend on the condition of the book.